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Character Creation:
40 point buy and race must be Aasimar or one of the variants of the race. For class you must select one that allows access to level 6 spells or manifester powers. If you go into a prestige class you only gain benefits from that prestige class. Starting level and gear is for first level. When you begin play you automatically deal nonlethal damage. Alignment must be good and you will be rewarded for actions that help others or promote the welfare of all well you will be punished for selfish or evil actions as perceived by the dm.

House Rules

Teleport will be updated to require a Knowledge (Geography) roll which requires a map unless the character is personally familiar with the area. Your familiarity will determine the DC, and you can only teleport without a map to a Very Familiar Location. for instance you are traveling 100 miles and off by 10% points so you are off by 10 miles but if traveling 1000 miles and off by 10% you are off by 100 miles. Greater Teleport no longer exists, and Teleport no longer has a maximum range. A False destination will send you in a random direction the distance you expected to travel.
Very Familiar: DC 20
Studied Carefully: DC 30
Seen Casually: DC 35
Seen Once: DC 40
Description: DC 45

Power Attack is changed so that you can determine what level of penalty and bonus you want to apply.

I will level up the characters after an appropriate amount of time, which means I will not be giving out experience. All characters will be the same level since missing a game will penalize the player by not giving them items, blessings, etc. If a small group of players is only available, they will be rewarded as well.

Email: One email per week for your actions, I must have received email by midnight on Tuesday.

Main Page

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