Jaxon. Game 1

Dear Diary,
The past few days have been very up and down indeed. First, the highs…After having a good night with friends and companions, we were treated to a rousing game of Beat the Boar as our first act. I must’ve been a little rusty from not being able to practice my skill in so long. I needed more help than I would care to admin in the subduing of the beasts. But, after the victorious fight, I did my due diligence on the aspect of my more consistent job and made sure all wounds were healed before retiring to my room to meditate on my inconsistency in the previous arena battle before the upcoming round 2 the next day.

The next day was more fruitful I would say. I was able to successfully assist with taking down our opponents, albeit using less flurry attacks and sticking to the big guns. As with the previous day, all wounds were healed and I retired to my room for more meditation on how I should improve my battle prowess. The others seem to insist on degrading their bodies with wine and women(and men for some). On to the next day and the final act of our battles.

Day 3 was very eventful in the arena. The pit traps were quite the hassle but most made it through unscathed. The Acolyte Kel seemed to have great distress in getting stuck after biggifying himself to attempt to cause more damage and mayhem to our enemy combatants. I did have to skirt around and evade a few traps before landing close to an enemy to pummel him into submissions. Once again, we found victory and, once again, the others wanted to celebrate with body impurities and pleasures of the flesh. It seemed that Kel and Gerard partook of a little too much drink as they were both still hung over and partially drunk the next day when we were informed that we would be dining with the King. I was informed I was being a mean person in not correcting their ailment of hungoverness but nobody can learn a lesson if the lesson is avoided. Maybe they will learn this lesson.

Dining with the King went splendidly. The meal was superb, as expected. I did bring up to him some horrible rumors I had heard about a sickness that was being whispered around. He did confirm that there was indeed a sickness, a disease, that seemed to be happening in a smaller town a couple days away and we were “asked” to investigate, which we of course whole-heartedly accepted. I wouldn’t want any citizens of our fine Utopia to suffer in any way, shape or form that was through no fault of their own stupidity.

The next morning, we set off. An uneventful but peaceful trip, until we arrived at the small town. There were bodies everywhere. All sick people. Some more than others but the entire troupe sprung into action, all doing whatever we could to help the sick but it seemed no matter what we did, it was delaying whatever was happening but not stopping it or reversing it. So we decided to try and figure out who this started with an investigate that to possibly get to the source and stop it. We did find out the patient zero and where he was the day before so we set off for that area and found a large, dark pit that just seemed to be oozing darkness and evil magic. With no real way to counter this effect at this time, we did some searching around and found some footprints heading off in a different direction than the town we came from. We were able to track the individual down, though I fear others may have come in contact with him as this seems to spread through some sort of contact. he currently just feels fatigued but is attributing it to the long day. We were able to convince him to come back to the other town and have quarantined off his home and family but to be looked after to see if they too suffer any ailment. I only hope we were able to cut it of fin time to limit this sickness to the one small town…..



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