Gerard, adventure 2

we came back to the village mid morning, to find that the situation had deteriorated. There were far too many ill to be treated, and their care was getting poor. Near a cluster of houses, we found a group of children who had been sent to camp out by their parents. Clearly they were sent away so as to not catch the sickness. I gave them breakfast and sent them on a scavenger hunt for some herbs that might be helpful, and to prevent them from having to interact with the sick. We found their parents were very ill and all worked in different ways to help. My stomach could take contact with the ill, so I made them comfortable and changed sheets. The others worked on potions and poultices. We tried everything, and found that even holy water caused harm…

In time, we found ourselves near the hospital when we heard a commotion. Jaxon and I entered first, and couldn’t believe what we saw. The sick were attacking a healer…. They pushed her down and bit her to death… Soon others were attacking other healers. The sick had become delusional. We tried to stop them, but the madness had gripped them. The only thing could think of was to hold the hospital gate so they could hurt anyone else. Acolyte Kel Gultel, Order of the Throne declared them evil and killed some… We begged him to stop, that these people just needed healing that we didn’t know how to provide… Soon, a woods approached, and he said to hit them in her head. I elated this, but apparently he meant to kill them too… I couldn’t do it, it just didn’t feel right. Eventually we saw it as hopeless and fled. I told the others I would meet them by the hole in the cornfield after I brought the children…



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