Gerard, Adventure 1

Ah, the life of a performer. Tis a sweet life. Going to the capital to compete in the games, the adulation of adoring fans, the drinks, the easy companionship. How could it get better?

My friends and I made our way to a nice inn, and prepared ourselves for the coming show. On the first day we fought some boars, and soundly knocked out the creatures. I do believe my archery was spectacularly on display then. That night I found some intimate companionship by showing how limber I am. Next day we faced a creature that had some kind of charming ability. Jaxon needed a tad bit of help focusing, so I discretely nudged him (wouldn’t want the crowd to get the wrong idea). In the end, we were victorious yet again. On the last day, we fought a group of other creatures in a trapped arena. Acolyte Kel Gultel, Order of the Throne had a littl bit of trouble with some pits, and my special attack backfired. So, even though victorious, Kel and I decided that drinking was a more likely celebration than men or women… I’m told that I beat Kel in a drinking contest, but by the next morning it seemed clear we had both lost… Jaxon, in one of his more heartless moments declined to help our obvious suffering..

We were then invited to dine with the king. Thankfully that was in the evening, so we had time to recover. And, bought a special outfit for the occasion to impress. I just tried to stay in the background since I’m not good with impressing royals. The king then sent us to investigate a “disease” we’d heard about. After arriving,we saw scene never before witnessed. People were laid out on beds as the healing Center was full.. We helped as best as we could, but the town was overwhelmed. Jaxon de died we need to keep people who weren’t feeling well isolated, while Kel and I said we should investigate the source. We found a hole that had no apparent bottom, and saw tracks. We followed the tracks to another village, and found more exposure to the unwell. We set up some communication and hygiene procedures, and took the first person back to the other village in the morning.



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